Cuenco: Lush for life

Joanna Cuenco

A LUSH store is smelled before it is seen. I’ve been patronizing the brand since 2011 when a whiff of wonderful-smelling bath products seemed to lift me off my feet and into the store in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, just like in cartoons. I’ve had to buy Lush’s personal care products in Hong Kong and Manila while waiting for the physical store here. In the meantime, we can still rejoice because Lush Cosmetics can now come to us through the digital store.

Aside from that smell (which also meets the nose once your online order arrives at your doorstep), what makes Lush so great is it’s 100 percent cruelty-free, vegetarian and handmade. Every Lush product has a sticker with a little illustration of the person who made it, when it was made and its best-before date. Products are not just effective and of high quality, but enjoyable and easy to use. Some of my favorites:

No Drought dry shampoo

I wash my hair every day I go to the gym and/or work up a considerable sweat. On days when I haven’t been too sweaty, I give my hair and scalp a break from washing—depending on your hair type, you may benefit from skipping a wash sometimes, too. No Drought is a great dry shampoo that disappears once massaged into the scalp, and will not leave hair feeling clumpy or sticky as some dry shampoos do. This is also great after a workout and you are in a rush to be elsewhere.

Eau Roma toner water

This combination of rose water and lavender water is suitable even for sensitive skin. It can be spritzed on throughout the day, as part of pre-makeup skin care, or after cleansing, without any tacky feel. How I like to use it is actually after all my makeup is on. I always prefer a natural or satin finish and on me, this prevents any BB cream, foundation, or powder from caking or being too obvious, and helps my base stay on well all day. I don’t have to touch up my powder as frequently when I have this on.

Body cream

Lush quite often discontinues products to make room for new ones. I was a huge fan of the Coco Lotion, but since that’s no longer being produced, there’s Dream Cream. I’m a fan of both as they are lightweight yet moisturizing; a little goes a long way. Dream Cream smells wonderful with the unique scent of chamomile blue, tea tree and lavender oils.

Lush bottles and tubs are recycled and of course, recyclable. When you’re done with the products, trade five clean containers at a Lush store and get a free face mask.