Cuenco: November favorites

Joanna Cuenco

SHISEIDO Pressed Medicated Baby Powder

I started using this even before my trip to Japan earlier this month because I’ve seen people using it for years. I kept an eye out and was not surprised to see that a pile of this powder is available in any Japanese pharmacy or beauty supply store, so I took the opportunity to buy backups and gifts. It is inexpensive especially for 50 grams of product (most compact powders have only 10 to 15 grams) and is one of the best powders I’ve tried for oil control. It applies well with either the puff that it comes along with, or with a brush if, like me, you want to use it on smaller areas such as around the eyes. Although it’s quite bulky to carry, I love that this is pressed because loose powders always make a mess. This powder is translucent, so it should disappear on most skin tones, and is really formulated to be safe for babies so most reviews say they had no breakouts even if they have sensitive skin.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

I have struggled with dark undereye circles since college. Though my Origins GinZing eye cream has faded them considerably, I still can’t do without concealer on the eye area. This one is full coverage, creamy, and has a natural finish that doesn’t crease—there’s nothing more frustrating than calling more attention to the area you’re trying to conceal! I don’t use concealer anywhere else on my face because I tend to just let blemishes be, but this blends into skin well, especially when used with...

MAC 240S brush

Even though I’ve been trying out products and beauty tools for more than 15 years, I never splurged on a makeup brush until last month’s Rustan’s Beauty Addict event, if you can believe it. MAC’s synthetic Large Tapered Blending brush is unique because of its size, shape and softness. It can be used with eyeshadow, highlighter, or in my case, with the Studio Finish Concealer. The brush simply does all the work to seamlessly blend product on the skin. I have been using this brush everyday since I bought it. No buyer’s remorse here, thank goodness!