Cuenco: Quarantine Activities - Part 1

Joanna Cuenco

WHETHER some of us are still students or reporting to work, everybody’s been subject to the quarantine in some way. I personally have only been at home full time recently since I had to go to the office as usual until this week.

The cabin fever has not gotten to me yet, but with so much time on our hands and only so much Netflix eye strain will permit, here are some ways to while away the quarantine hours.

Learn to give yourself a mani-pedi. Salons are going to be closed for a while but we still need to keep up personal grooming. Remember, a lot of germs can get stuck under long fingernails, so it’s best to keep them short these days. You can opt to keep your nails polish-free, or if you want to use as many of your nail polishes now, why not?

Clean your tools and makeup. I mentioned previously that certain makeup items should never be shared because these can transmit germs and viruses on your skin, eyes and mouth. Washing makeup brushes is so tedious and time-consuming that it does take me hours, but now I have no excuse not to do it.

Check the freshness of your stash. Many of us can relate to entering Watsons or the department store for one thing and exiting with one bag full of products you may end up forgetting about. Check the “best before” date on all your lotions, sheet masks, shampoo and others. Then, mark them with stickers signifying what month/year they’ll expire, or separate them in bins according to the year of expiry. It’ll be easier this way to keep track of what’s going to spoil first.