Cuenco: Serums for supple skin

A serum used to be one of the most expensive steps in a good skincare routine. If a serum is top-notch, the pricing would also be top-notch. If it is too affordable, the ingredients could also be questionable—some brands won’t even indicate them on the labels, which always raises my brow.

Kemans brings a winning formula of premium ingredients at a sensible price with their facial serums, which are proudly developed and made in the Philippines, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paraben-free.

Founder and proprietor Vina Yapjuangco launched Kemans in 2021 with her husband Eric, popularly known as Doc Yappy, the board-certified plastic surgeon behind some of the most viral makeovers in the country.

“We guarantee that each product that we have is FDA approved, expertly formulated and safe on the skin,” said Vina. Kemans is specifically developed to address Filipinos’ skin concerns such as oiliness, dullness, uneven tone and blemishes, while keeping our tropical climate and product affordability in mind.

Kemans’ other easy-to-use and effective products include hand creams and hand sanitizers, which add a light fragrance to keep our hands comfortable and moisturized as we continue the hygienic habit of sanitizing while on the go. There is also a white radiance beauty set, an underarm ultimate whitening set, and a whitening body lotion with SPF30 to address hyperpigmentation concerns.

My skin recently needed major SOS from peeling, dryness and a terribly uneven tone that I got after three straight hours of exposure to sun and saltwater. After letting the initial sunburn calm down, I layered the Vitamin C serum, packed with over 10 plant extracts, with the Ultimate White Radiance serum, which is formulated with alpha arbutin to lighten pigmentation.

Changing nothing else in my skincare, my skin recovered quickly after less than a week of use, and I noticed further improvement after two weeks. I am personally impressed by how well the products have worked, and they are only one fourth the price of serums by imported brands. Only three to five drops are needed for the face and neck, so each bottle will last several months.

Kemans is available on Shopee, Lazada and the brand’s official Facebook page.