Cuenco: Sinulog-proof makeup

Joanna Cuenco

THE essence of Sinulog Sunday is certainly not the parties that come with it. But however people choose to celebrate or “quit senyor,” a crowd of millions can be expected this weekend. I’ve had my fair share of street parties but for the past couple of years, I just enjoy watching the dancing and costumes of the Grand Parade since I find the party scene to be too rowdy now.

It’s still fun to put on temporary tattoos, wear loud accessories, and for me, have fun with makeup to mimic the colors and energy of Sinulog Sunday.

Over the years, here are some products that have been Sinulog-proof (unfortunately not paint-proof, though) even with the heat, pushing crowds and having to walk several kilometers to get around.

• Pond’s Flawless White BB Cream

It’s not practical to wear anything more than BB cream with SPF when you’re going to be outdoors. I’ve seen people wearing full foundation, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with it when I expect to sweat quite a lot. I don’t buy products with the aim of whitening, but the Pond’s BB cream has good staying power and is not greasy or cakey like many BB creams on the market which are better suited for cooler weather. This already has SPF30, but I still layer it over SPF50 sunscreen because why not?

• Maybelline HyperSharp Wing liquid liner

This is one of my all-time favorite liquid eyeliners. It’s easy to control, affordable, very pigmented, stays on through anything, yet doesn’t need practically-industrial-strength makeup remover to take off. Exaggerated winged eyeliner or even a fun graphic eyeliner look is parade appropriate and won’t crease or smudge off like eyeshadow might.

• Mark by Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer

You can opt to wear a lip stain to keep your lip color budge-proof, but we can wear lip stains everyday. Red lipstick is also too dressy for Sinulog. I enjoyed wearing this smooth, comfortable lip lacquer in a bright magenta, which happened to match perfectly with my parade-ready magenta feather earrings.