Cuenco: Tips and tricks: polished makeup look

Joanna Cuenco

IN CELEBRATION of International Women’s Day, Robinsons Galleria Cebu hosted “Women in Bloom,” a full day of embracing womanhood and encouraging women to embrace their own strengths and uniqueness.

Style savant Dexter Alazas, one of the event organizers, invited me to “Femme Facade,” an on-the-spot makeup workshop by female makeup artists. I was only too happy to sit in the makeup chair of professional MUA, Eunice Enrera, who has been practicing her craft for nearly a decade now.

I asked Eunice for something that friends and readers can relate to more and do at home. She did this polished work-appropriate makeup look, and I was so pleased with the turnout. It looks just like something I’d do on myself, when I have the time.

- Eunice and I both agree that skin care rules over heavy base. She prepped my skin really well with a dewy moisturizer and used the smallest amount of radiant foundation. She says a touch of concealer, just on the spots that you need some correction or brightening, is all you need for every day. Use the same shade as your skin tone, and not lighter or darker.

- Eunice defined my brows with brow soap to brush up the front of the brows, a brow pen on the ends for a neater tail, and concealer to make it all super clean. I don’t have the time to do all that most mornings, but I loved how perfect and celebrity-worthy my brows looked with those extra steps!

- Because my eyes look sleepy with their slightly downturned shape, Eunice lifted them up with neutral eyeshadow blended slightly further out, and an upturned flick of black pen eyeliner. And, always, a lash curler!

- For everyday blush, Eunice recommends using cream, which has better longevity than powder. Apply with either a brush or fingers, whichever you feel gives you most control. No need to buy expensive cream blush. You can dust on powder blush on top to help keep the cream in place.

- A natural contour on the cheeks, temples and sides of the nose (if you wish) completely ups the makeup game. If you have no time to fuss with blending colors on the face, you can go out the door with just brows, spot concealer, a light contour, and a lip tint and still look polished.