Cupra UrbanReel Concept revealed as an urban(?) race EV

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Check out this electric race car concept from Cupra. Officially named the Cupra UrbanReel Concept, this multi-colored, bewinged race car is Cupra’s vision for a future electric urban vehicle.

And yes, it does feel counterintuitive to use a race car as your vision for an “urban vehicle,” but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a wildly cool design. It won’t matter much to U.S. car buyers since this Cupra won’t ever be sold here, but Cupra says this car will inspire a future vehicle set to launch in 2025. We’re promised that “the road version will mix astonishing design and amazing dynamics.” It will also be based on VW’s MEB platform.

But back to the concept car at hand. This Cupra is quite the pointy and aggressive fellow. Its gigantic wing out back is impossible to ignore, and Cupra says it was inspired by virtual racing cars with rather outlandish wings. The car itself is a hatchback, but even so, the wing still doesn’t stick up much further above the roof. Its red brake light spanning the width gives it some extra aggression, and the wide hips and big diffuser add to the look.

Cupra UrbanReel Concept
Cupra UrbanReel Concept

The race car theme continues up front. You have a giant splitter and a “grille” with lots of tiny Cupra logos sculpted into it. More pointy and protruding aero elements continue along the side, and there’s even a scoop on the roof — Cupra doesn’t explain the function of this. However, Cupra does reveal that this concept car is quick. It’s capable of 335 horsepower, but an overboost function puts max output at 429 horsepower. We suspect it’s a dual-motor setup, but Cupra doesn’t say. It’s also capable of running a 0-62 mph sprint in just 3.2 seconds, making it a seriously rapid EV.

If you’re in Munich for the Motor Show, you’ll be able to see the UrbanReel Concept in the flesh there. Until then, enjoy the colorful photos.

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