Curry parents flip coin to decide who roots for Blazers, Warriors

Eric He
Yahoo Sports Contributor

The Curry parents have a problem, and it’s a really awesome one: Their sons are on opposing teams in the Western Conference finals — Stephen is on the Golden State Warriors and Seth on Portland Trail Blazers.

So, ahead of Game 1 on Tuesday, Dell and Sonya Curry flipped a coin to decide which parent will wear a Warriors jersey and who will wear Trail Blazers gear.

The answer? Dell gets Steph, and Sonya draws Seth.

The Curry family will make history this series, as Steph and Seth will be the first brothers to face each other in the conference finals. While Steph is the clear favorite to have the better series, don’t sleep on Seth, who had this flurry in Game 4 of the second round against the Denver Nuggets:

This will be a rehashing of the backyard battles between the Curry siblings, who each took separate paths to the NBA spotlight. Steph was relatively under the radar before exploding at a small college in Davidson, while Seth went to Duke but bounced around at the pro level before landing in Portland.

But the present day is here, and they will presumably be on the court at the same time at some point, vying for a trip to the NBA Finals. So while their parents will be wearing different jerseys, the one certainty for this series is that both Dell and Sonya will be extremely proud parents no matter who emerges victorious.

Dell and Sonya Curry are in a tough spot with their sons on opposing teams in the Western Conference finals, but they have a solution (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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