Custom-made jewelry catching up

CEBU-BASED fine jewelry retail chain Oro China is anticipating robust sales this Christmas season as buyers turn to personalized jewelry items as holiday presents.

Oro China Jewelry chief executive officer Jennifer Ty said they noted a shift to fine jewelry preference, especially among the younger generation, from traditional pre-designed pieces to custom-made jewelries.

“We noticed that the market wants to own a piece they can really call their own,” said Ty, adding that customers now buy a piece or sets of jewelry bearing their own design.

“I think the market has shifted. Aside from people wanting to travel, they also want to show importance to their family. We’ve got a lot of orders from clients who want to put the names of their children or husband on the jewelry,” said Ty. She noted that clients these days want to be part of the process of jewelry making.

“There is a growing market (for custom-made pieces). People want to be unique and they want it to be personalized,” added Oro China marketing manager Jewel Jalandoni.

But she noted that classic jewelries (or pre-designed items) continue to bring in huge sales for the company, although, the custom-made segment is catching up.

Oro China, which has been in business for 50 years, has over 30 branches nationwide.

Aside from having a strong store presence in malls, this homegrown brand is also making big in the online market.

“This allows us to reach markets like Pampanga and Camiguin, among others, where we don’t have stores,” said Jalandoni.

Good investment

Besides buying custom-made jewelries for personal preference, Ty also said that buyers now consider jewelry as a good investment, aside from putting money in stocks, bonds and real estate.

“But awareness of jewelries as an investment instrument has to be beefed up because there are still those who would prefer to buy gadgets and branded jewelries that aren’t real gold. We need to educate more about the importance of investing in real jewelry,” said Ty, stressing that the value of gold and diamonds appreciates annually. (KOC)