For customer convenience, Ding How goes digital

Monica R. Lopez

DING How goes digital as it equipped its latest branch with its new digital ordering system.

This new system, introduced during the new branch’s opening, provides its customers a convenient and efficient dining experience. Each table has an ordering screen that promises to be user friendly. Simply touch the screen to choose the menu and place the order. During the process, customers also get to check out visuals, trivia and history of Ding How. Once the orders are set, they are automatically printed and displayed in the kitchen. But if one needs assistance, its servers are ready to help out during every step of the transaction.

“Ding How introduced dimsum cuisine to Cebu in 1969 and pionereed the concept of all-day dimsum dining. We’re really on the lookout for things that we can innovate and pioneer in. So the main goal of this digital ordering system is to improve the customer dining experience,” said Harbour City Group’s marketing manager Steven Kokseng.

The concept was a year in the making and created with the customer’s needs put into consideration. “We really plotted the journey of the customer and we tailor fit the flow to that journey,” he added.

Check out the new ordering system at Ding How’s new branch located on the second level, AyalaMalls Central Bloc.