Customer tries to pay for food with chili peppers

It’s finally happened. Following the expensive sili (chili) meme trend that’s currently viral online, somebody actually went ahead and tried to pay for something using chili peppers — at least jokingly.

Facebook user Navarro CK shared yesterday a now-viral video of a customer actually trying to pay for food at a KFC branch with a bunch of chili peppers.

For those not in the Philippines, this is a humorous response to news that the price for siling labuyo (bird’s eye chili) reached PHP1,000 (US$18.52) per kilo in local wet markets last month. This was a huge increase from the PHP150 (US$2.78) price in February.

Many can’t believe that the Philippines experienced a 6 .4 percent inflation last month, so they try to deal with the crazy news with even crazier jokes.

CK identified the prankster in the video as Em Guevara.

In the video, you can see Guevara trying to pass off the chili pepper inside a plastic bag as cash. The cashier, confused at first, grabs hold of the bag. She soon realizes what’s going on and walks away laughing.

The 11-second video had garnered over 2 million views and 61,000 shares as of this article’s posting. Netizens thought it was pretty amazing and badass:

Facebook user Kate Ermita tagged a friend and said: “I dare you.”

Facebook user Jenny Ecleo told a friend in Filipino: “I didn’t know you could do this.”

Facebook user Rei Ya Leenn wrote: “Hahahah Filipinos and their pranks.”

“Mine can buy me a lot of buckets of fried chicken,” Dennis Perez Apolinar said.


Guevara apparently also did this at a local Uniqlo outlet on Sunday. That video has been viewed over 142,000 times.

Jay Anne Martin tagged a friend on the post and said that they should start planting their own chili peppers.

Not a bad idea, actually. The rising prices of bird’s eye chilies even prompted Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol to give advice on how Filipinos can plant chilies in their garden and not rely so much on local markets.

Better start planting, if you want that ballin’ life.

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