DA assures enough food supply, discourages panic buying

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AGRICULTURE Secretary William Dar has appealed anew to consumers to avoid panic-buying, assuring that the country has enough food supply.

“Buying more food than what we require deprives others, thus causing an artificial shortage and price spikes,” said Dar in a statement Saturday, January 8, 2022.

“Our inventory for basic food commodities, particularly rice, shows that we have more than enough supply that will last for more than the next three months,” the agri chief added, following the Alert Level 3 status imposed in the National Capital region and other neighboring areas until January 15.

As of January 8, the country’s rice supply is good for the next 115 days, enough until the next harvest season in April, according to the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Integrated Rice Program.

The same situation holds true for lowland and highland vegetables, which is at 85 percent and 107 percent sufficiency levels, respectively.

He likewise appealed to local government units (LGUs) to ensure unhampered and continuous flow of food and agricultural inputs to and from production and consumption areas, particularly those affected by typhoon Odette.

He stressed that there should not be any unnecessary restrictions in the movement of goods, services and people.

“We will see to it that food supply lines are kept open, in partnership with the LGUs and ensure continuous delivery of major food items and temper prices,” Dar said. (with PR)

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