Dad storms out of son’s wedding after contentious invitation issue: ‘Selfish and inappropriate’

Emerald Pellot

A 53-year-old father brought his 25-year-old girlfriend and former student to his son’s wedding — then chaos ensued.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if what he did was wrong. The father divorced his son’s mother a decade ago and is now dating Callie. His 24-year-old son invited the father, with no plus one, to his wedding. On the wedding day, the father speculated that because all the other guests had a plus one he could bring Callie along. His son and the bride were furious.

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“My son announced the wedding two months ago,” the father said. “Invitations arrive two weeks before the wedding and I don’t get a plus one. I call my son and he says that no one has it because of covid. The day of the wedding. I arrive there and everyone has a plus one. I’m at the table with my ex-wife and her no-name new boyfriend. I ask around and it turns out my son lied to me. I excuse myself and call Callie, telling her to get ready and come anyway. My son then pulls me aside and shout/whispers ‘what the hell is Callie doing here?’ Then he says that his wife is jealous of Callie and didn’t want her upstaging the bride and now she’s here and looks amazing. He asks me to make Callie leave. I say that if he cares so much then I, his father, will leave with her and miss the rest of the wedding. He agrees and we leave.”

The father and Callie left to a nearby bar where they met with other wedding guests.

“Turns out the bride was so insecure that she made all younger women invited dress uglier than her and forbade certain hairstyles (the hell?),” the Reddit poster wrote. “When Callie arrived the bride started drinking heavily and there were some scenes in the hours after we left, which is why some people also left. Anyway, my son called me on Monday and accused me of ruining his wedding because I had to have my ‘skank’ (it was actually a worse term) over. Says that his new wife went to her mother’s because she’s angry. I say that the emotion she should feel is embarrassment. He calls me a ‘f***ing hippie’ and hangs up.”

Reddit users did not like the father in this scenario very much.

“You’re dating someone only one year older than your son. You’re selfish and inappropriate,” someone wrote.

“Your son literally told you not to bring your girlfriend to his wedding, but you did anyway out of spite,” another said.

“The day wasn’t about you so you made it about you. Pathetic,” a user commented.

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