Dagupan: Clean, Green, And Safe

DAGUPAN Philippines, Pangasinan - The search team for the Safest and Greenest City 2013 title visited this city earlier this week to validate the improvements in its maintenance of a "clean, green, and safe environment."

Search Committee Head Laarni Joy Mandap said her impression is that the city has indeed improved this year's survey as compared with her first sojourn here in 2010.

The inspection took the team to the Malimgas Market, the City Museum, the City Plaza and the City Police Station.

Mandap, the representative of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Region 1 office, was also amazed over the big improvements done in the city's dumpsite in Bonuan Binloc.

She noted the success of Mayor Benjamin S. Lim in properly planning the conversion of the dumpsite into an ecological park.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) representative in the search team also lauded the city's peacekeeping and environmental rehabilitation thrust which showed great change from his last year's visit here.