Daniel Matsunaga breaks silence on degree issue

24 Sep – Daniel Matsunaga finally breaks his silence regarding the honorary degree he received from Brethren Evangelical School of Theology (BEST), which was revealed to be unrecognised by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

As reported on Inquirer, the actor who spoke about the issue recently, stated that he still feels blessed and happy to have been awarded with an honour by the institution and would never do such a thing as to give the award back.

"Of course not, because it is something that is a blessing for my life no matter what. No matter what, it means a lot to me, it means a lot to my family too," he said.

CHED previously stated that the religious school is not a recognised higher education institution (HEI) and is not authorised to grant honorary degrees.

However, BEST founder Bishop Ariel Coleto stated that the honorary degree was granted to Matsunaga as an award, to recognise his contributions to community service, instead of a degree.

(Photo Source: Daniel Matsunaga Instagram)