Dare to exceed your limitations!

Yahoo! Special Advertising Team

When was the last time you beat someone in their own game—or have you even dared?

Runners were given a chance to do just that—that is, compete against Coach Rio dela Cruz! At the #BeatCoachRio event held last June 5, 2012, they had the rare opportunity to beat his recorded time of 2.3 seconds for a 20-meter dash (see related video).

Still, hundreds of participants gave it all they’ve got. Runners gathered at the Back of Terra 28th Park in Bonifacio Global City were cued to sprint and run against the image of a running Coach Rio on an LED Billboard, a first in Philippine running history. After 20 meters, the running time is recorded and those with the best time had the opportunity to compete against Coach Rio in person at a 20-meter dash race!

Behind this innovative running event is Safeguard Active, the brand’s newest line of defense against body odor, as it drives Filipinos to exceed their athletic limitations by promoting good hygiene. Even Coach Rio admits that bad hygiene during runs can be a distraction. Safeguard Active provides 12-Hour Odor Protection that keeps them fresh and allows them to focus on beating their personal best.

Coach Rio hopes the #BeatCoachRio event and the entire Safeguard Active campaign will motivate more Filipinos to embrace an active lifestyle and take on the sport. The running coach stresses that while race results determine the winner, “being an athlete is not how fast you run or how high you jump, it’s about facing your fear, believing that you can do it.” He adds that aside from being physically fit, running helps one learn about time management and discipline. However, he cautions against aiming for quick results. “If they want to start properly, [they need to] train properly...Be patient when it comes to results because [training] takes time and dedication,” he advises potential runners.

So, did anyone succeed in beating Coach Rio in his own game? Watch this video and be inspired by the runners who dared!