Body language expert reveals 'secret' gesture that means someone is attracted to you: 'Changed the whole game'

Kelsey Weekman
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reading body language
reading body language

It’s hard to know if someone actually likes you unless you straight-up ask them, but who has time for that?

Dating expert and TikTok user @jacoblucas101 shared a hack for reading body language to figure out if someone finds you attractive.

“When I first heard it, I thought, ‘That cannot be real.’ Then I started seeing people do it all the time,” he explained. “That has changed the whole game for me.”

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When people itch the back of their hand or scratch their collarbone, he said, that is an “evolutionary” and subconscious urge to ask you to groom them.

“Grooming builds social bonds and that means a person wants to build social bonds with you because they find you attractive,” he explained.

Commenters were fascinated by the hack.

“I do this subconsciously,” one user said.

“Or they are doing this because they want to comfort themselves because the other person makes them uncomfortable,” another added.

“If you ain’t scratchin’ we aint’ matchin,'” a third joked.

Others were concerned it was a little too easy to spot people scratching themselves.

“Actually I have anxiety and I fidget with my hands and scratch them as a nervous response,” one user wrote.

“Not me with eczema,” another said.

So uh … is it unusually dry in here, or are you just attractive?

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