Davao City injury-free for fourth straight New Year

For the fourth straight year, Davao City, known for its strict implementation of its 10-year-old firecracker ban, has recorded zero firecracker-related casualty when 2012 gave way to 2013. Other areas in the country with firecracker bans also reported zero to minimal injuries, research conducted by GMA News Online showed. According to Senior Superintendent Ronald dela Rosa of the Davao City police, there were no referred nor reported firecracker-related injuries in all hospitals, clinics and health centers in the city. These data make Davao City injury-free for at least the last four years. The police report also noted that at least 106 violators—49 adults and 57 minors—were apprehended for violating the ban on firecrackers. There have also been no reported firecracker-related injuries in the municipality of Pateros in the National Capital Region (NCR), according to its police office. The town has a partial ban on firecrackers, which prohibits their sale, distribution and storage, but only in the municipality. In Olongapo City, media officer Mike Pusing said only two firecracker-related injuries have been reported, which involved children aged 10 and 11 who were both injured by Piccolo, a banned firecracker. He said both have been treated and discharged from hospitals. Baguio City police, meanwhile, reported at least seven injuries, including a 79-year-old man and two nine-year-old children. Police noted that most of the injuries were due to baby rockets, and that all reported victims have been treated and discharged from hospitals. The Department of Health announced that at least 413 people nationwide have been injured in the New Year revelry. However, Health Secretary Enrique Ona said this figure was 17 percent lower compared to the same period last year, and 12 percent lower than the average in the last five years. — KBK, GMA News