Day surgery: Surgery without admission

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With numerous technological advancements this world has to offer, life becomes more convenient and hassle-free. And it is especially advantageous to healthcare as it helps in coming up with advanced and better treatments and equipment. One of these innovations is Day Surgery, also referred to as ambulatory surgery, outpatient surgery or same-day surgery, where the patient is allowed to return home on the same day that an uncomplicated surgical procedure is performed.

CebuDoc, the flagship hospital of the CebuDoc Group, is taking the lead in innovating healthcare and patient experience by launching Day Surgery in Cebu and promises to cater to the surgical needs of the people without any further delay, and open more cost-effective options for patients with uncomplicated illnesses especially during this time of crisis when hospitals are usually full. This is to heed the call of the community.

“Many patients have delayed their scheduled surgeries because of several reasons—the pandemic as the major factor. And now, they have the option to get treated already because we have set up the system that is carefully designed with their apprehensions considered, for us to accommodate them,” said Dr. Potenciano S.D. Larrazabal III, president and chairman of the board of CebuDoc Group.

To be able to accommodate as many patients as it can and perform efficiently, CebuDoc has 10 operating rooms equipped with advanced technology for the top-notch and fully certified surgeons who will guarantee safe surgical procedures.

Here are some reasons why Day Surgery should be all over the world:

1. Shorter Hospital Stay

Patients that need surgery for uncomplicated diseases can have their surgeries done and only stay in the hospital for less than 12 hours.

2. Cost-saving

With only a day spent in the hospital, patients will reduce their spending, and add more value to their money.

3. Convenience of recovering

Studies have already proved that going home to familiar faces and engaging family promotes a faster recovery for patients.

4. Enhanced Patient Experience

With the assistance of the Day Surgery coordinators, services are personalized in every patient to guarantee holistic and patient-centered healthcare. Coordinators will be responsible to facilitate every patient’s needs and preparations and make sure that the patient’s surgical journey will be seamless from check-in to check-out.

“One crucial component in the delivery of Day Surgery is having coordinators to guarantee a systematic and organized processing of necessary hospital documentations and address every patient’s unique needs related to his surgery. This will not only improve patient experience but also ensure the efficiency of the service delivered,” said the CebuDoc operating room manager, nurse Raphaela Suzara.

5. Reduced Patient Anxiety

Faster turn-around-time makes the patient journey more seamless and promotes healthful healing for patients.

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