Dead man found in abandoned SUV in Las Piñas

How creepy.

In a scene right out of a crime novel, a dead man’s body was discovered last night inside an abandoned sports utility vehicle (SUV) parked on Vatican Drive in BF Resort Village in Las Piñas.

In a report from GMA News’ Unang Balita, a resident by the name of Leonardo Ontoy said he already saw the abandoned vehicle parked on the road yesterday morning but ignored it.

But Ontoy decided to call the police when he discovered that the SUV was still in the area in the evening, especially after he saw that blood was splattered inside the vehicle.

Investigators, who presumed that it was a murder case, discovered that the man was shot from the back of his head.

The police ruled out the possibility that the man died because of a robbery because he still had his cell phone and watch.

And this is where it gets even weirder. While a .45 caliber bullet was found inside the car, there were no bullet holes found on the SUV’s surface.

It could have been an episode straight out of Mindhunter.

Other than his possessions, a sachet of suspected shabu (methamphetamine) was found inside the car.

The man’s relatives arrived at the police station but refused to appear on camera. They also requested the police not to divulge the victim’s identity.

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