Dear Meg debuts book of advice on life, love, and activism

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Writer and psychologist Meg Yarcia is set to launch her book of essays “Dear Meg: Advice on life, love, and the struggle” on Sept 25. (Photo: Dear Meg/Facebook)
Writer and psychologist Meg Yarcia is set to launch her book of essays “Dear Meg: Advice on life, love, and the struggle” on Sept 25. (Photo: Dear Meg/Facebook)

Psychologist and online counselor Dear Meg, aka Meg Yarcia, is debuting her essay collection, “Dear Meg: Advice on life, love, and the struggle,” this Sunday (Sept. 25) at Good Food Sundays, Mandala Park, Shaw Blvd, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong.

Published by Gantala Press, “Dear Meg” gathers the author’s periodical columns in Pinoy Weekly and musings on social media, where she responds to her readers’ questions about life, relationships, mental health, and activism.

The essays were written in the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the time when the author put up “Dear Meg,” navigating the Philippines’s political condition amid the global health crisis.

The book is accompanied by an introduction from Pinoy Weekly columnist and author Teo S. Marasigan.

Filipino illustrator Kenikenken designed the book cover, while Patricia Tierra made the layout.

‘A precious resource for our troubled times’

Cultural worker Lisa Ito writes in a blurb for the book that “‘Dear Meg’ is a precious resource for our troubled times. The questions asked in anonymity are as revealing of our milieu as Meg’s essays, which were crafted with clarity and care as both a counselor and a comrade.

The book “is concrete proof of how we should all cherish the power of psychology, culture, and art in working for a truly emancipatory society,” she said.

Lito added that the book “shows us another rich dimension to the people’s movement: one that cares, listens, and counsels amid the urgency to advance the struggle.”

Journalist and producer Atom Araullo also wrote a blurb for “Dear Meg,” saying that the book “is a wonderful collection of advice columns written with so much care and dedication by its author.”

“Meg uses clear and unpretentious language to reassure her readers, a nurturing voice that neither preaches nor offers empty platitudes,” he said.

“As an activist and psychologist, Meg deftly combines her street smarts and scholarly expertise. So even as she reminds us to honor our feelings, Meg always provides the big picture, connecting the self with the larger society and giving us hope that both can get better,” Araullo added.

Meanwhile, social worker and martial law political prisoner Dr. Judy Taguiwalo said that “Meg’s counsel, accepting and non-judgmental, are illuminated by empathy and a firm grasp of the crucial connection between personal and familial concerns with social, political, and community realities.

“Already in my 70s, this ‘millenior’ finds ‘Dear Meg,’ like Attorney Woo, extraordinary and a relevant read,” Dr. Taguiwalo added.

Meg Yarcia, the person behind “Dear Meg,” graduated with a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of the Philippines. She was the features editor of the Philippine Collegian in 2006.

The author said that a guest artist will perform at the book launch.

Visit Dear Meg on Instagram for more details.

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