Frustrated by your slow computer? Declutter it with these easy fixes

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Slow computer? Bloatware might be to blame. (Photo: Getty)
Slow computer? Bloatware might be to blame. (Photo: Getty)

Wondering why your computer is agonizingly slow? Bloatware might be to blame — and that means it's time to declutter your computer.

So what, exactly, is bloatware? Software is considered bloatware when it uses up a lot of disk space, processor power and memory, and provides little real functionality to the user. Another way to put it is that bloatware is anything on your device that you don’t want, need or use. If there's a lot of it installed, bloatware can cause your computer to take a performance hit, making it run slower than usual.

Bloatware "requires a lot of resources of your computer — and not only computer but also a tablet or smartphone as well — so your device becomes slower,” Justas Vaiciulis, a technical support specialist at Juvare, tells Yahoo Life.

Adds Vaiciulis: “This term is also used for software updates after which the software itself becomes more complicated and requires more resources of your device, and the result is the same — your device becomes slower.”

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Bloatware can significantly slow down your device. (Photo: Getty)
Bloatware can significantly slow down your device. (Photo: Getty)

Bloatware is typically a major drain on system resources, which can cause your computer to take longer to start up, shut down, and reboot. When you remove bloatware, you can help increase your computer's performance and speed effectively.

How to get rid of bloatware

In some cases, you can remove bloatware simply by uninstalling it. However, finding it on your slow computer can be a challenge. Software programs like System Mechanic can find and remove bloatware for you and help speed up a slow computer. 

Unused software is a major waste of resources on your computer. By removing old, unused, or malware-riddled software with trusted programs like System Mechanic, you can help your computer run faster and more smoothly, which will improve your overall experience and productivity.

Try System Mechanic for 30 days free. After that, it's $4.99 per month.

A slow computer can make your work day feel endless. A bloatware remover can help. (Photo: Getty)
A slow computer can make your work day feel endless. A bloatware remover can help. (Photo: Getty)

Where bloatware can hide on your computer

Pre-installed programs

Some devices come with programs preinstalled; it’s great if you’ll use them, but these programs can hog up space if you don’t. Go through your applications menu and check to see if you can remove any programs that you don’t need.

Free trial programs

Software that comes pre-installed with a trial version is known as trialware in the software industry. It's commonly used in software in order to attract users to a particular product by giving them free access for a limited period of time before requiring payment. If you know you're not going to use the trial software, you can free up space by deleting it.


Adware is a particularly nasty form of bloatware that is downloaded and installed without your permission. It does not contribute to the performance of your computer, nor does it enhance its capabilities — it does nothing but pump ads into your system.

If your computer is running slower than usual, then it’s possible that your system has been affected by adware. According to Computer World, adware can come in many different forms and can slow down your computer (and cause problems with programs). Most commonly, adware displays unwanted pop-ups or advertisements on your computer.

Cyber security firm Clario suggests downloading software from trusted websites and avoiding what’s known as freeware (programs offered from third-party sites for free). Clario also recommends installing programs specifically designed to find bloatware and get rid of it.

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