Deer brings her fawns to visit man eating apples in the forest

Deer are shy and gentle animals that keep to themselves. They wander the forests and the meadows, throughout North America, as well as many other countries. We often see them from afar, or very briefly close up, but they are sure to run away at the sight of humans. Even seen from afar, we cannot help but be deeply affected by their gracefulness and their soulful eyes. But this man has discovered that with a little patience, the deer might just become curious enough to wander closer than usual. He sat on this log in a remote section of a protected Canadian forest and hoped to see the deer close up. The animals cannot be hunted here and they have learned that humans mean them no harm. It is common to see them grazing in the distance. They are usually not alarmed enough to flee. They may walk away or they may stare curiously. A human seated on a log, munching apples seems to arouse enough curiosity that the deer slowly wandered closer as they passed through this quiet section of the woods. When the man ignored them and made no move to go closer, they seemed to smell the apples. He tossed a few chunks in the grass and they actually came almost close enough to touch. The most surprising part of this encounter was that one of the does walked over the hill and then returned, bringing her fawns over the hill with her. This is a very unusual thing for a mother to do with her young. Although there is not much reaction from the man here, seeing the deer so close was a beautiful experience and seeing fawns right in front of him like this was unforgettable. The trust shown by these wonderful creatures was extremely touching.