Delay in teaching materials seen

Manila, Philippines --- The Department of Education (DepEd) admitted yesterday that the learner's materials (LMs) and teacher's guides (TGs) for Grades 2 and 8 might not be available when classes in public schools resume on June 3.

DepEd Assistant Secretary for Planning Jesus Mateo said there will be slight delay in the delivery of materials since it took a while for DepEd to finalize and produce the teaching materials for Grades 2 and 8.

But he assured that the materials would all be delivered by the end of June or early July.
This school year marks the introduction of the new curriculum for Grade 2 and Grade 8 (second year high school) as part of the K-to-12 Basic Education Program implemented by the DepEd.
Mateo said that the additional LMs and the TGs are needed to ensure that smooth implementation of the K-to-12 program.

"(The curriculum was changed so teachers) need the supplementary materials to help them teach the subjects to their students," he said.

Last year, many teachers complained of the lack of teaching materials when the new curricula for Grades 1 and 7 (first year high school) were introduced.

In order to conduct their classes in line with the new curriculum, many teachers were forced to use their own money to provide copies of the LMs to their students.

In some areas, teachers complained that it took almost two months after classes officially resumed before the TGs and LMs were delivered.

Mateo assured that the delay in the delivery of the teaching materials wouldn't be as bad as last year.

He attributed the delays last year to "birth pains" of introducing a new curriculum and the "K-To-12" program.

"In any undertaking, yung first year ng implementation would be faced with a lot of challenges," he said. "Kaya nga this year, mas ini-improve pa natin as we move towards the coming years of the implementation," he said.

Mateo said that despite delays in TMs, there will be zero backlog in textbooks this school year.
The textbook shortage has already been addressed last school year and the students in the country's 45,000 public schools currently enjoy a "1:1 book-students ratio" in both elementary and secondary schools.

"Itong learning materials are really intended for the students and teachers in the new curriculum but they will still use the textbooks which we have already delivered," he said.

Each Grade 2 and Grade 8 student will be given LMs which are basically "worksheet cum textbook" type that contain the topics to be discussed for the entire school year. For the elementary level, LMs come in a textbook form and will be in their Mother Tongue. For the secondary level, LMs will be compiled in loose sleeves or module-type.