Delivery of grades 2, 8 learning packages completed, says DepEd

Manila, Philippines --- The teaching of the new curriculum for Grades 2 and 8 should no longer be a problem for public school teachers after the Department of Education (DepEd) assured yesterday that the delivery of the Learners' Modules (LMs) for the use of their students has been completed.

According to Education Secretary Armin Luistro, the delivery of the learning packages scheduled this June-which include the LMs on a 1:1 ratio or one student per module-has already been completed. "Ang delivery kasi natin was divided into three batches since we have about 46,000 elementary schools and more than 7,000," he said in an interview.

Luistro admitted that there was a delay in the delivery of the learning packages due to logistics. "We have so many schools so it was expected that that there will be some delay but of course, we did everything we could to avoid so much delay," he added. The first batch of learning packages was scheduled to be delivered in May but most public schools were not able to receive the materials before the classes started on June 3.

Due to the delay, the DepEd issued a Memorandum signed by Undersecretary Francisco Varela suggesting "measures" Grade 2 teachers could undertake in case learning resources such as the LMs, TGs and Curriculum Guides would not be available in hard copy.

In DepEd Memo No. 92 series of 2013, Varela said "printed copies [learner's materials] will be provided on a one is to one ratio."