DeMar DeRozan chucks ball at ref in frustration at Drew League

(Screenshot: Baller Visions on YouTube)

If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve probably heard of the Drew League, the annual summer pro-am league in South Central Los Angeles that attracts hoopers of all kinds, from local high school players to NBA veterans. You’ve probably seen the odd mixtape, perhaps of an NBA superstar arriving amid hundreds of adoring fans and sending the gym into rapturous chaos with an outrageous one-on-one display.

What you probably haven’t seen is a Drew League team with two NBA veterans falling to 2-5, and one, a three-time All-Star, getting so fed up and fired up that he chucks the ball at a referee. But that’s exactly what DeMar DeRozan did on Sunday:

Here is another angle from the baseline, right next to where the ref was standing:

Here are complete highlights of the game, with DeRozan’s hurl at the 11:50 mark:

And here is another angle of the chuck, plus a look at the final stages of the game, which perhaps give us a hint as to what DeRozan was so aggravated by:

DeRozan appears to yell, “You’re trash … You suck” — or some similar sounding, not very nice words — at the ref as he walks toward the bench. He then stalks back toward the referee, before heading to the locker room. The player who helps restrain him is none other than new Golden State Warriors signing and DeRozan’s Drew League teammate Nick Young.

Even with DeRozan and Swaggy P on the roster, their squad — M.H.P. — dropped the game 104-99 to Home Town Favorites, and fell to 2-5. They sit in 12th place out of 13 teams in the Marty Waltzer division.

DeRozan is from Compton, and has played at The Drew for years. The weekend before last, he teamed up with Raptors teammate Norman Powell, and put on a show against Marvin Bagley III. Bagley is widely considered the best high school player in the country, and could be the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA draft. Bagley is No. 35 in black:

DeRozan’s team also lost that game, 108-91. So it’s been a rough few weeks at The Drew for the Raptors guard. But in positive news, the Raptors re-signed both Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka, and traded for a sharpshooting wing, meaning DeRozan and the rest of Toronto’s core should be back for another playoff run in 2017-18.