Destressing at this new dessert place

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IT’s no coincidence that “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts.” According to , sugar suppresses the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis in the brain, allowing the individual to be less stressed.

Among the plethora of cafés lined up in Lapu-Lapu City, Soufflé Cakes and Chocolate Art offers deliciously beautiful pastries at affordable prices.

Chef Marvin, co-owner and head pastry chef, highlights modern French influences in his pastry line. These are executed through modern glazes and frostings. The brand also specialize in creating customized cakes that add a special touch to any event.

After losing his primary sources of income, Chef Marvin capitalized on the hardships he faced during the pandemic and relied on something he does best—baking.

“We wanted to introduce to the market sophisticated and high-quality desserts and food items at a reasonable price,” said co-owner Nancy.

Nancy shared that ordering pasta and a slice of cake in the café will cost visitors only about P250 to P300.

While the café offers a wide range of dishes, from pancakes, soufflés and cakes to pastas, coffee and even milk teas, the Signature Chocolate Glaze stands out from the rest.

It’s a super moist chocolate cake with multiple layers of ganache and a rich, glossy chocolate glaze finish. Based on the description, it’s no wonder this magnificent creation is one of Soufflé’s bestsellers.

Other customer favorites include the Cheesecake Bonanza featuring eight flavors in one cheesecake; the petit gateau (small cakes); mango mousse; “Heaven and Hell” mousse; and the ube mousse.

Walk-ins and reservations are accepted. However, they strongly encourage visitors to follow health protocols and seating capacity restrictions. Deliveries are also accommodated through third-party delivery apps or by messaging the store on its Facebook page ( ).

Love them or hate them, sweets are a work of art. They’re decadent, mouthwatering and most definitely deserving of reserved space in everyone’s stomach. The next time one is stressed, he should look up Soufflé Cakes and Chocolate Art on Facebook and treat himself to some dessert.

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