This device helps you lift really heavy objects with ease

Madison Tenenbaum

We're always looking for the trendiest new gadget to help make our lives easier, right? Well, here's one of our new favorites: the Gorilla Gripper.

This nifty little tool helps you lift heavy objects like large panels of wood or drywall. It clamps onto the top of the panel and has a handle that lets you carry these large slabs right on your side. It allows you to carry and move these bigger items with a straight back, thus avoiding a torqued back and the aches and pains that construction workers and do-it-yourselfers are far too familiar with. 

There's no need to worry about your materials getting damaged either because the rubber-gripping pads mounted on both plates protect the surfaces from getting damaged. The clamp also self-adjusts to any width, so it's guaranteed to fit on any type of material. 

This little guy can be your best friend when you can't find someone to help you. No more having to beg, borrow or steal a friend to help you go pick up plywood or drywall! It's perfect for buying materials at a store or transporting textiles at a job site.

Compared to a lot of similar products on the market, Gorilla Gripper goes for only $21.33 on Amazon and comes with free shipping. With over 97 percent of users recommending this product, it's definitely one you can't pass up.

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