Devoted teacher’s catchy science lesson song gets an A+ from the Internet

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An elementary school teacher in the Philippines has earned some well-deserved internet fame after a video of the catchy song he came up with to teach his students a science lesson went viral and racked up some 2 million views.

Jeric Maribao, a Grade 6 teacher at the Bag-ong Anunang Diut Elementary School in Bonifacio, Misamis Occidental, won widespread acclaim for creating the catchy tune he used to teach his students how to tell the difference between homogenous and heterogeneous mixtures.

The teacher illustrated these examples with pizza and juice — and served them to the handful of pupils in his class.

Users praised the teacher for his creative and unique approach to teaching.

“You’re so creative, sir,” one said.

“Great teaching skills, sir. Students can easily understand a lesson, it has a great impact on the students,” another said.

Maribao has also created and posted songs on other subjects such as geography, math, and history.

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