Dexter Doria opens up about her own experience during Marcos' Martial Law

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FILE PHOTO: Dexter Doria (left) and Mon Confiado; Katips movie poster (right)
FILE PHOTO: Dexter Doria (left) and Mon Confiado; Katips movie poster (right)

Veteran actress Dexter Doria took on a role as an activist nun in the musical film “Katips” about the new Katipuneros at the height of Martial Law under the late dictator President Ferdinand Marcos’ regime.

Through the film, Director Vince Tañada aims to show millennials and GenZ what really happened during Martial Law.

“At the time this happened, I was a millennial. I think, in this whole group... I was the one who lived and I was an adult at that time,” the sexagenarian actress marched on mediacon after the press preview of the film on Saturday night, (November 27).

Dexter went on to say that she witnessed what happened during Martial Law.

“I have no relatives who have been tortured. I have no relatives or friends who were killed.”

“But I was part of the First Quarter Storm. I was a student of UP,” she added

“I was there and I saw everything. And when the Apo declared martial law, up to 1986, I WAS KINDA ALIVE!"

“I was kinda there. I was kinda victim of all these curfews, and there was no… you, you writers, then you didn’t! You cannot write anything!"

“They controlled the press, so nobody knew what was happening."

“Imagine a world where there was no information. Imagine a world where there was no election."

“Imagine a world where we just had to follow, follow, follow everything they said while they were pillaging the economy."

Dexter continued, “So when there was the EDSA Revolution, everybody was with us. Those people were not forced."

Through the peaceful EDSA Revolution in February 1986, Marcos was ousted from office and Corazon "Cory" Aquino, the widow of slain former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., was appointed as the new President.

The veteran actress emphasized, “I’m nationalistic. I’d like to believe that I’m patriotic. And I'm very happy to be involved in a movie like this."

"That I think will enlighten the minds of those who will vote this May."

Ana Catalina Paje is a development journalist passionate about grassroots communication geared towards genuine social change. She also writes about showbiz, lifestyle, and all things Pinoy pride. The views expressed are her own.

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