DFA ready to repatriate Filipinos in Iraq if tension escalates

Marje Pelayo
(FILE PHOTO) OFW IRAQ -Filipino overseas workers with a headband “Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Iraq” rally near the gates of presidential palace in Manila, Philippines on Friday, 20 August 2004. There are already some 4,000 Filipino civilians working for various foreign companies in Iraq. More workers have pending applications for jobs there, but the government has yet to lift a ban imposed due to last month’s hostage crisis. EPA/DENNIS M. SABANGAN

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is appealing to all Filipinos to cancel or defer, until further notice, any travel to Iraq in view of the current tension in the country.

Filipinos in Iraq are likewise strongly advised to coordinate closely with the Philippine Embassy and their respective employers in the event that mandatory evacuation will be necessary.

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin said the government is ready to repatriate Filipinos in the Middle East who are willing to return home in case conflict in the region further escalates.

In another tweet, he assured that President Rodrigo Duterte is aware and ready to deal with the crisis in the Middle East.

Filipinos in Iraq are advised to contact the Philippine Embassy in Baghdad through (+964) 781-606-6822; (+964) 751-616-7838; and (+964) 751-876-4665 or via email: baghdad.pe@dfa.gov.ph; and/or via facebook page: Philippine Embassy in Iraq for updates and assistance.

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