DHL Express partners with Unisys for PSA Serbilis online services to deliver PSA certificates to Filipinos worldwide

DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, signed an agreement with Unisys Corporation, a global technology services company, to provide international express courier services. Unisys, PSA's accredited partner, will provide digital government services and manage the end-to-end process of originating, authenticating, securing, and issuing civil registry documents to Filipino citizens living abroad.

PSA Serbilis, an online platform, enables Filipinos to request copy issuance of civil registry records (birth, marriage, and death certificates) and issuance of a certification of no marriage record. As part of the partnership, DHL Express will provide a 30 percent discount on each outbound shipping transaction.

"We want to be of service to Filipinos anywhere in the world and we are grateful to Unisys for giving DHL Express the opportunity to safely deliver PSA documents for our overseas Filipino workers," said DHL Express country manager Nigel Lockett. “Our goal is to connect people and provide services, easy access to payment processes and bookings, 24/7 customer care assistance and on-time shipments and delivery."

“It is an honor to assist fellow Filipinos from all over the world by ensuring that their PSA Serbilis documents arrive on time. The process is simple and easy and there is no need to create an account; customers can manage their booking through the PSA website and MyDHL+ online,” said DHL Express commercial head Roderick Queppet.

The primary objective of the Unisys and DHL Express partnership is to encourage more customers to adopt a more efficient method of availing of PSA's services by requesting online services.

“The agreement between Unisys and DHL is a big boost to our online services especially in catering to the needs of our kababayans abroad. We are delighted to offer more convenient options for Filipinos,” said Maria Victoria Villena, delivery director and head of operations, Unisys. “We look forward to a strong and long-lasting partnership between Unisys and DHL.”

“At PSA Serbilis, we are always working to ensure our services, from application and payment to delivery, are responsive to the changing times,” said Jocelyn Llanto, Unisys information campaign and marketing lead. “The wide reach of DHL Express brings PSA Serbilis services closer to more PSA customers worldwide.” (SPONSORED CONTENT)