Dialogue with Panday Sining a waste of time — Mayor Isko

Marje Pelayo

MANILA, Philippines – A resolute Mayor Isko Domagoso has turned down the request for dialogue of Panday Sining even after the activist group apologized for vandalizing the newly painted walls of Lagusnilad Underpass.

The group claimed what they did was not a form of vandalism but an art of expressing their sentiments against the government for allegedly suppressing their freedom.

They argued that last year, they launched a program called ‘graffiesta’ which encourages the public to express their sentiments through writing in public spaces just like what they did in Lagusnilad Underpass.

Panday Sining believes Mayor Isko shares the same goal of lasting peace in the city thus they are asking for an audience with him, which Domagoso deliberately turned down.

“Para ano? Para ubusin ko ang oras ko imbis na bigyan ko ng atensyon ang ibang mahahalagang bagay na kakailanganin ng taong bayan?,” the Mayor said in annoyance.

(For what? To waste my time instead of attending to important matters that the people need?)

“Pinakialaman ko ba sila sa karapatan nila? Hindi. Malaya kayo sa Maynila. Pero wala kayong karapatan na babuyin kami sa Maynila,” he added.

(Did I suppress their rights? No. You are free to explore Manila. But you don’t have the right to mess us up here in Manila.)

Domogoso expressed anger over the group’s waste of public funds because the local government needed to repaint the walls with the money allotted for medicine and the city’s housing project for the poor.

The Mayor is determined to file charges against anyone who will follow what the militant group did in vandalizing the walls of Manila. – MNP (with details from Bernard Dadis)

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