DICT: PH internet speed shows improvement in July

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THE Philippines’ internet speed has sustained its improved momentum, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) said.

For July 2021, the country recorded an average download speed of 71.17 megabits per second (Mbps) for fixed broadband — significantly higher than the 66.55 Mbps average speed recorded in June.

For mobile internet, average download speed in July was at 33.69 Mbps from 32.84 Mbps the previous month.

With these improvements, the Philippines’ global rank currently sits at 63rd out of 180 countries for fixed broadband and 72nd out of 139 countries for mobile internet, respectively.

In Asia, the Philippines ranked 17th for fixed broadband and 23rd for mobile internet out of 50 countries.

Meanwhile, the Philippines placed fifth out of 10 countries in both fixed broadband and mobile internet in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

In July 2020, average internet speeds in the country were only at 25.07 Mbps for fixed broadband and 16.95 Mbps for mobile Internet.

“These data show us the impressive rate of growth of our country’s internet speeds in just a year,” DICT Secretary Gregorio Honasan II said in a statement.

Honasan said the agency will continue to coordinate with the National Telecommunications Commission as well as with other government agencies and private stakeholders to ensure that internet speeds for fixed broadband and mobile internet will continue their upward trajectory in the coming months.

DICT attributed the increase in internet speed to the government’s directive last year for telcos to improve their services amid the pandemic, and to the strengthened roll-out of the agency’s digital connectivity initiatives, especially the Common Tower Policy. (JOB)

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