'They Didn't Go Over This in the Academy': Florida Cops Check Out Baby Gator in Swimming Pool

A homeowner in Orange County, Florida, called on the assistance of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department after she discovered a small alligator swimming in her pool on August 11.

Video released by the sheriff’s office on August 18 shows deputies Jonathan Hill and Janeen Jeffra responding to the call.

“Dear God, I woke up, I opened the blinds, and there it is looking at me,” the homeowner told officers at the scene. “The thing must have crawled under the fence.”

Deputies Hill and Jeffra assessed the situation, even considering using a trash can to remove the small creature, before calling on wildlife specialists.

“‘They didn’t go over this in the academy,” Hill said, also noting that this was his first alligator call.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the alligator was removed and relocated to the St Johns River by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video Transcript

- I have a four-foot alligator in my swimming pool.

- OK.

- Dear God, I woke up, I opened the blinds, and there it is, looking at me.


The thing must have crawled under the fence--

- Yeah.

- --crawled in through the--

- And so it's actually in the screened pool now? OK.

- It's swimming in the pool. And I'm assuming it's not going to find its way back out on its own.

- Probably not, yeah.

- All right. We'll go take a look.


- At least you'll have an awesome story--

- Yeah--

- --won't you?

- We'll keep you updated.

- Thank you.

- Are gators fast?

- They sure are.


- Are you going to scream?

- Nah, I going to get a trash can.

- Did I find a weakness of yours?

- I don't know. We're going to find out.

- Oh, it's a baby.

- Where's it at?

- In the corner. Look, he's quick. Do you see him?


- Oh, he's just chilling.

- I don't know if [INAUDIBLE].


- They didn't go over this in the academy.

- Sure didn't.

- We can stick him in like a trash can, maybe? If we can scoop him, do you think we could--

- I was wondering if [INAUDIBLE] when they gotta come out.

- (LAUGHS) OK. Sure.

- I thought he was going to come up.

- He's a fighter.

- You ain't never been on an alligator call? Oh my gosh.

- Yeah. Surprisingly, as long as I've been here, no.