Dimples Romana: I thought I'd lose my husband!

Heidi Hsia

5 Dec – Dimples Romana recently admitted that she thought she would lose her husband Boyet Ahmee, after the latter woke up choking and throwing up blood two nights ago.

The "Kadenang Ginto" star shared her nightmare on social media recently when she posted a photo of her hand holding Ahmee's own at a hospital, saying that her husband ate a little more than he was supposed to the night before despite being told by the doctors to have a 'soft diet'.

"His throat wasn't fully healed from the operation. Lesson learned, make sure to follow your doctor's instructions after operation," she said.

The actress stated that she was scared beyond belief when it happened that she lost "the edge of Daniela Mondragon" - her character in the aforementioned drama.

However, Romana made no mention as to why Ahmee had the prior surgery.

She then thanked her "Kadenang Ginto" family for letting her skip work that day to take care of her husband.

"Thank you for understanding that I couldn't shoot today. Family first. Always. Thank you for all the messages from my producers, directors, writers and co-actors. I really felt that I was not alone," she said.

The actress also assured that her husband is doing much better now.

(Photo Source: Dimples Romana Instagram)