Dingdong Dantes happy for son's first playground experience

Heidi Hsia
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23 Feb – It might just be a normal swing ride for some, but Dingdong Dantes couldn't help but feel moved by his son Sixto having fun in a playground during the pandemic.

On 22 February, the actor posted several photos of wife Marian Rivera helping Sixto on the swing, and revealed that it was the first time ever that his little boy got to play on one as the lockdown started when he was not even a year old.

"What a joy to see him explore playing in an open space and get his hands dirty and on the ground. Nothing compares the old school play that can shape a child's development. How I wish that we could go back to these outdoor activities, and have the opportunity for our children to freely play with other kids," he wrote.

It was Sixto's first time playing in the playground, here with mum Marian Rivera
It was Sixto's first time playing in the playground, here with mum Marian Rivera

However, Dantes stressed that parents should play a part on recreating the values of these "experiences" even within the confines of their own homes, instead of comparing the past to what is happening now.

"All it takes is a little creativity and imagination, no matter how big or small our "better worlds" are. My [high school] teacher Ser Ron Capinding said, 'Everything is possible, but not everything should be done.' So, it really is possible ... but there must be caution, calculated skill and a whole heart full of hope - that we can still give the wants and needs of our children in this dangerous world," he added.

Dantes and wife Marian Rivera have been married for 6 years and the couple has 2 children, daughter Maria Letizia (called Zia) and son Jose Sixto.

The Dantes family
The Dantes family

(Photo Source: Dingdong Dantes Instagram)