Dino requests for Covid Task Force for Central Visayas

GIVEN the present situation of the rising number of symptomatic Covid positive cases in Cebu, the hospitals are already full. Despite the hospitals increasing their capacity as requested by Sec. Mike Dino, there are other problems that need to be addressed.

While Cebu was well prepared logistically in terms of test kits, testing centers and isolation centers, the concern are lack of health care personnel and the difficulty of implementing required health protocols on the ground.

Barangays were unable to implement the minimum requirment of social distancing, staying at home and wearing of masks.

While most of those infected are asymptomatic, the neglect of these health measures and the practice of seeking late medical attention only when the medical condition is critical, led to rise of our severe cases. Furthermore, since the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Lapulapu and Talisay are interconnected and interdependent with the rest of Cebu province, there is a need for a coordinated response.

Given the situation, Sec. Michael Dino has requested help from the national government to create a Task Force Covid-19 for Region 7 to coordinate and unify all our efforts to contain the virus. Thankfully, Malacañang listened and will be forming the Covid Task Force for Region 7 to help us.

This will ensure that Central Visayas will be assured of resources in managing the pandemic from the National Government. The task force is tasked to oversee directly the implementation of the quarentine and minimum health requirements on the ground. It will monitor and enforce compliance of social distancing protocals and wearing of masks especially at the barangay level. It will synergize our response throughout the region and properly allocate resources as needed.

One of the mandates of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas, to to provide support and assistance to the LGUs on matters requiring attention of the President. And this is the response of Sec. Dino. He is hoping that Malacañang will appoint someone with a police or military background to head the task force as he believes that one of the biggest challenges the task force will place is enforcing discipline and compliance among the Cebuanos.

Sec. Dino says imposing discipline is crucial to support our doctors, nurses and other frontliners who are fast becoming overwhelmed.

Let us give our full cooperation to This task force as we unite against this virus and heal as one.(PR)