Discogoer stabbed for not liking dancing steps for suspect

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TWO brothers and their companion who were accused of stabbing a 32-year-old man during a riot in Sitio Pitogo, Barangay Poblacion in Borbon, Cebu on Sunday night, September 4, 2022, surrendered to the town police on Monday morning, September 5.

The suspects were identified as Pablo Doronio Jr., 22; his brother Ezel, 29; and Bernard James Modequillo, all residents of Sitio Pondol, Barangay Poblacion in the town.

Chief Master Sergeant Lou Susvilla, chief investigator of the Borbon Police Station, said the victim, Jessie Luceño, a baker who resides in Sitio Galaban in Barangay Poblacion, is recuperating at the district hospital in the neighboring town of Sogod.

According to Susvilla, the incident happened around 11 p.m. after a disco during the fiesta celebration of Sitio Pitogo.

Susvilla said the suspects’ group and the victim’s group had a heated argument at the dance after the latter ordered a child to tell the former that they did not like Pablo’s dance steps.

The suspects’ group left for the house of Pablo’s father-in-law, but the victim’s group followed them. When they arrived, a rumble erupted in front of the house of Pablo’s father-in-law.

Pablo ended up stabbing Luceño in the abdomen and in the palm of the hand.

Responding officers recovered slippers, pieces of bamboo and a wooden stick at the scene, but they did not find the knife used to stab Luceño.

After the suspects’ surrender, police brought them to the Borbon Rural Health Unit to be assessed since the three men were wounded and covered in bruises.

Susvilla said they did not want to be accused of having physically abused the Doronios and Modequillo.

He said the suspects will be charged with frustrated homicide. (GDC)