Disprove ‘shabu hotbed’ tag : Malacañang to Naga officials

Aerial view of Naga City in Bicol | CIUDAD NIN NAGA via Facebook


Malacañang challenged Naga City to disprove that it is not a hotbed of shabu.

The statement was in response to the resolution released by the Naga City Council which condemned President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement that Naga City is a hotbed of shabu.

Based on the resolution, the council said that by branding the city as such without presenting the basis for it, President Duterte has insulted the dignity of Naga City residents.

However, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque insisted that the President has the access to all intelligence reports and the local government officials must not be onion-skinned.

“Let them prove it is not true. Fight those who are selling and pushing drugs. Prove that their city is shabu-free and it should be constructive on the part of public officers,” Roque said.

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