Dizon files Covid-19 vaccination program ordinance

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CEBU City Councilor Alvin Dizon has proposed a measure providing for the establishment of the Covid-19 vaccination program (CVP) in Cebu City.

Titled “Covid-19 Vaccination Program (CVP) Ordinance of Cebu City,” the draft ordinance was filed before the Cebu City Council on Dec. 16, 2020.

The Council will tackle the draft ordinance on Dec. 18.

The draft ordinance provides that all residents in Cebu City be covered by the vaccination program.

Under Section 5 of the draft ordinance, the City shall be guided by a community-based framework in the formulation of the CVP which includes treating the community as active partners in the program and not as passive end-users; employing community-based research; promoting collaboration with external entities and community partners to ensure equitable access to the CVP; enlisting the guidance of public health experts; and providing venues for dialogue with medical personnel and other frontline workers where they can voice their concerns and share evidence-based care practices from the ground.

Prior to developing a plan for vaccine procurement and distribution, the City will have to conduct full assessment of the situation in the city in relation to the execution of a vaccination program.

In case there will only be a limited supply of the Covid-19 vaccine, Dizon proposed to prioritize the frontliners and critical population groups.

The measure mandates the creation of the Multisectoral Covid-19 Vaccination Program Council which will oversee the planning and implementation of the city’s Covid-19 vaccination program.

The Council shall be spearheaded by the mayor as the chair, while the City Council’s Committee on Health chairman will sit as the vice chairperson.

The members of the Council should include representatives from various sectors including hospitals, medical schools, business, faith community and civil society.

Under the Multisectoral CVP Council, there should be formed a Covid-19 Vaccination Coverage Monitoring Center whose function is to collect essential data from hospitals regarding the Covid-19 vaccination uptake and coverage.

The Council should regularly report to the public through the City Council, on the planning and progress made in connection with the CVP.

The City must also provide training for the handlers of the Covid-19 vaccine and make available to them educational resources from public health and vaccination experts.

Should the CVP start, the vaccination must be scheduled seven days a week.

Dizon proposed to have it from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The vaccination must be done in senior citizen centers, barangay health centers, schools, basketball courts and gyms, home visits, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and clinics including those located in malls and workplaces.

A massive information and education drive must be done to educate the public about the vaccine.

The draft ordinance mandates the City Health Department to formulate the implementing rules and regulations for effective implementation of the CVP.

Once approved, the measure will take effect 15 days after its publication in a newspaper of local circulation.

Mayor Edgardo Labella, in a previous report, said the City will purchase vaccines against Covid-19 in the amount of P500 million which will be included once the City will have its first supplemental budget in 2021. / JJL