Doctor narrates condition hours after vaccination

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Dr. Raymund Reel Bontol, a pulmonologist and a triathlete in his early 40s, had himself vaccinated with Sinovac Biotech’s vaccine against Covid-19 on March 11, 2021 at Cebu Velez General Hospital. He gives a detailed account of his condition post-vaccination.

My medical profile

I have a strong family history of allergy, hypertension and diabetes. I am maintained on hypertensive meds (for 20 years) and pre-diabetic meds (for 10 years). I have been allergic all my life. I currently suffer from skin allergy to crustaceans (shrimp and crabs) and some chicken dishes. No drug allergies. Recently, I have been getting allergies from wearing my respirator or any reusable mask. I take antihistamine meds regularly. I am also taking Vitamic C + Zinc daily.

Pre-vaccination screening

My BP (blood pressure) and heart rates were high. I was anxious for a couple of days to get my vaccine, and now I am excited to finally get it. I did not have any symptoms prior to vaccination.

My vaccination response

Vaccine admistration was painless. I have high tolerance to pain. Even injected myself with flu and pneumonia vaccine last year.

1 hour after vaccination

BP was still high but compared to my pre-vaccination BP it has become closer to normal. Heart rate was the same as before vaccination (high 90’s bpm. Yes, this is high for me because my resting heart rate is 50- 60’s only). But I did not have symptoms while under observation for one hour and was then sent home.

4-11 hours after vaccination

Injection site soreness (usual reaction for any post- vaccination site). No allergic reaction. No fever or chills.

After 24 hours (March 12)

Have a slight headache but very tolerable. Did not take paracetamol, and headache resolved this afternoon after rest. No fever, chills or body malaise. Still have my usual skin allergy. No worsening of skin allergy. Ate cheese for breakfast and felt itchier after but not that significant. Injection site soreness resolved. No more soreness or pain in my left arm or shoulder.

More than 48 hours post-vaccination I feel well. No headache, fever or body pains. Did an easy swim earlier and felt good. No more pain on injection site. Allergies remain the same. Had cheese for breakfast again and felt itchy after. No more than usual.

Thank God for the safe vaccination. Thank you, DOH (Department of Health) and Cebu Velez General Hospital, for the free Covid-19 Sinovac vaccination.

Our available vaccines prevent death and critical illness from Covid-19. Get yourself vaccinated.