DOF extends deadline for tax amnesty, ensures timely processing of applications

THE Department of Finance (DOF) has issued Revenue Regulations (RR) 15-2020 further extending till end-December 2020 the deadline on availing of the tax amnesty for delinquencies under Republic Act (RA) 11213 and ensuring the timely processing of such applications by the relevant Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) offices.

The new RR further extends the deadline provided under RR 11-2020, which amended RR 10-2020 and 7-2020, and first extended the amnesty deadline to June 22, 2020.

Under RR 15-2020, taxpayers can avail of the tax amnesty for delinquencies until Dec. 31, 2020.

The RR likewise provides deadlines for BIR offices to process the documentary requirements needed to avail of this tax amnesty.

Now, certificate of delinquencies/tax liabilities must be issued or denied with a legal and factual basis by concerned BIR offices within three working days from the submission date of the request.

In addition, the completed amnesty application and return must be endorsed for payment by the BIR within one working day from complete submission. (PR)