DOH 7 director: Stay safe during Kalagkalag

AN OFFICIAL of the Department of Health Central Visayas has reminded the public to prioritize safety and plan appointments for All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 1 and 2, 2022.

On DOH 7 Facebook page, Director Jaime Bernadas urged people to go to cemeteries early to avoid overcrowding.

He discouraged bringing children, senior citizens and persons with disabilities, particularly those having difficulty walking, because they are at risk of getting exposed to many diseases.

He also advised those who are not feeling well to stay at home to spare others from getting infected and to prevent their condition from getting worst.

He also urged people to ensure the food they bring is fresh and prevent it from getting exposed to insects, citing this could be another reason for getting sick.

“We also need to bring protective equipment, such as raincoats and umbrellas, and, of course, we should not forget our face masks and other protective devices,” Bernadas said.

On Sunday, October 30, the DOH issued guidelines to members of the public on whether they should waer face masks or not.

"Filipinos are expected to troop to cemeteries this Undas (Kalagkalag). And despite the eased restrictions on wearing face masks, it won't be wrong if we will continue to be careful," said the DOH. (HIC, PJB)