DOH-Central Visayas opens first rehab facility for women

THE Department of Health (DOH)-Central Visayas inaugurated on Thursday, December 19, the first ever rehab complex in the Philippines for women who are hooked on illegal drugs—the Cebu Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Women (CTRCW).

All drug-dependent women, including senior citizens and persons with disabilities, as well as members of the gay community and those living with human immunodeficiency virus can seek rehab at the CTRCW in Barangay Jagobiao, Mandaue City.

Pregnant women who want to abandon their drug habit can also admit themselves at the CTRCW.

The CTRCW will also treat women who were recently released from jail after availing themselves of the plea bargain—a legal agreement that allows an accused to admit guilt in exchange for a lesser penalty from the court.

Dr. Jasmin Peralta, chief of the rehab facility, said the CTRCW is a 100-bed capacity dormitory for the residential patients. Another building has 10 beds for mentally unstable patients. Before the CTRCW was opened, Peralta said the DOH-Central Visayas had been treating 35 patients at the Eversley Childs Sanitarium and General Hospital. The patients will be transferred to the new facilities to continue their rehab program.

For December alone, Peralta said the CTRCW could accommodate 50 patients. The number could increase to 70 by January 2020.

Peralta said the rehab complex is open to women from Cebu and other provinces in Central Visayas and Mindanao.

However, Peralta said women seeking treatment must undergo a drug dependency examination.

Patients suffering from mild to moderate addiction will be managed as outpatients, and they will be placed in a rehab program that will run for four to six months.

Severely addicted drug dependents, said Peralta, must be admitted at the CTRCW as they could harm themselves, and their relatives and neighbors,.

Peralta said the CTRCW needs the support of the local government units, which could help in providing employment to patients who would succeed in completing the rehab program. (KFD)