DOH denies goverment giving incentives to people with 'bad vaccine experience'

·1 min read

THE Department of Health (DOH) has dismissed rumors that the government will give incentives and awards to individuals who have allegedly fallen victim or have had bad experiences with coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccines.

DOH made the clarification in an advisory Thursday, May 26, 2022, after learning that there are messages circulating as false promises and offers of vaccine incentives.

“We urge everyone to always check official DOH sources before forwarding anything," it said, as the department urged the public to delete chain messages.

“Instead of spreading false and unverified rumors, let's be responsible and do our part in sharing the right information. Let's save lives before you click,” it added.

The health department reiterated that all the vaccines provided by the government are proven safe and effective as these have undergone local and global peer-reviewed studies and scrutiny by experts.

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