DOH: Stroke is leading cause of death in Central Visayas

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STROKE or cerebrovascular disease, was the leading cause of death in the region in 2019, according to the Department of Health-Central Visayas (DOH 7).

DOH 7 records show that of the 25,794 total recorded deaths in the region in 2019, a total of 6,001 or nearly 25 percent were due to a stroke.

The DOH explains cerebrovascular disease as “an interruption of the blood supply to any part of the brain.” A stroke is sometimes called the “brain attack.”

Its risk factors include diabetes, hypertension, smoking, unhealthy diet, and a family history of stroke, among others.

Next to stroke, pneumonia (5,279) was the leading cause of death in 2019, followed by cardiovascular disease (3,495), cancer (3,135) and hypertension (1,276).

Of the total deaths, 11,459 were women while 14, 335 were men.

The DOH 7 has yet to consolidate the leading causes of death for the year 2020.

As of July, the total recorded deaths in Central Visayas were 5,431 of which 2,961 were men while 2,470 were women.

Meanwhile, the latest DOH 7 morbidity weekly report that covers data gathered from Oct. 18 to 24 shows that of the 1,331 Covid-19 patients who died as of Oct. 24, 499 or 37 percent were Covid-related deaths while the rest had co-morbidities or underlying health conditions aside from Covid-19.

Of the number of Covid deaths, 442 or 33 percent were from Cebu City while 218 or 16 percent were from Cebu Province.

The DOH 7 report also said the leading comorbidities among Covid-19 deaths were lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Cardiovascular disease ranked first with 437 cases followed by kidney disease (293) and diabetes mellitus (244).