Dole 7 urges companies to submit report on resumption of operations

OFFICIALS of the Department of Labor and Employment Central Visayas (Dole 7) urged companies that recently resumed operations to submit a report to their office if they were able to fully operate.

This, as Dole 7 wants to determine the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to the overall economy.

Dole 7 director Salome Siaton said companies that have resumed operations following the lifting of the strict quarantine status in their areas are required to submit a “Return to Work Establishment” report and RKS Form 5 of 2020.

Siaton said the two reports are aimed at providing data to Dole 7 to determine how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the overall workforce in the region.

“We want to keep track of the notices of shutdowns, retrenchments or the establishments implementing flexible work arrangements in Central Visayas,” Siaton said.

In May, 13,000 workers were affected by the temporary closure of their workplaces and by flexible work arrangements due to the ongoing lockdown within some areas.

Siaton said the reports provided by establishments will help them come up with programs that can assist affected workers.

“We are now accepting establishment reports and collating data so that we will have a clearer picture of the extent of the impact of the ongoing pandemic not only to businesses but more importantly to the workers here in Region 7,” Siaton added.

The Return to Work Establishment report only applies to companies that temporarily shut down their operations but eventually reoperated.

The RKS Form 5 of 2020 applies to companies that have implemented flexible or alternative work arrangements, temporary closure, retrenchment or reduction of workforce and permanent closure.

Those forms can be downloaded from the Dole 7’s website:

For companies situated in Cebu City, they can email their forms to

Siaton said they have started receiving reports from affected firms since June 1. (HBL/JKV)