Dolly Madison vs. Dolly (Parton)

Dolly Parton, of “Jolene” and “Islands in the Stream” fame, filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office an application to register her “Dolly” trademark which is accompanied by a butterfly and her signature. The application was filed in International Class 30 for frozen confections, cookie mix, bread mixes, cereal-based snack food, coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate mixes, bakery goods and dessert items, namely cakes, cookies, pastries, and candies. “Dolly Madison” has been used as a trademark for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and frozen confections for over ninety years. “Dolly Madison” filed an Opposition to Dolly Parton’s application claiming that the registration of “Dolly” on frozen confections will cause confusion among customers who are accustomed to seeing “Dolly Madison” on ice cream. Ms. Parton has until Oct. 19, 2021 to file an Answer to the Opposition.