Dolphins-Bengals preseason game ends with the most preseason of Hail Marys

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Joe Burrow throwing all of one pass and Ja'Marr Chase continuing to struggle wasn't the end of the disappointment for Cincinnati Bengals fans on Sunday.

The team's final preseason game against the Miami Dolphins ended in dramatic fashion when Dolphins quarterback Reid Sinnett connected on a desperation heave on 4th-and-15 for a 34-yard touchdown pass to Chris Myarick.

Sinnett had to avoid early pressure from Bengals defensive end Noah Spence, then even more trouble from Darius Hodge before throwing the ball into a crowd of players in the end zone. Myarick somehow came down with it.

Sinnett would complete another pass to give the Dolphins a 29-26 lead, but that wasn't the end of the game.

With 1:21 remaining on the clock, the Bengals launched their own drive and reached as far as the Dolphins' 32-yard line. That would have added up to about a 50-yard game-tying field goal attempt.

Rather than go for overtime, Bengals coach Zac Taylor went for the win, possibly because this was a preseason game and we all have places we'd rather be than overtime in a preseason game. Bengals third-string QB Kyle Shurmur's own Hail Mary attempt came up short, giving the Dolphins the win.